Services Catalogue

Librebit is a company dedicated to providing services of: consulting, design and integration of software solutions in business management, administration and support of computer systems, design and delivery of training and online training in Free Software.

Services description

Below are a number of features that are common to all services provided by Librebit.

In terms of hardware and for the most critical equipment (servers) we work with leading brand manufacturers who guarantee the fulfilment of the services agreed with the client. For other equipment (such as user personal computers) we also have manufacturers and wholesalers who offer us standard equipment for quick replacement within the time frame agreed with the customer.

With regards to Free Software developed by the Community, the source code that enables us to correct or adapt it to the needs of our clients is always available, either using our own resources, hiring third parties or directly from its authors.


  • To offer the maximum availability of the entity’s computer equipment that will result in a better use of ICT.
  • To provide the customer with a high level of confidence by ensuring responsiveness and incident resolution times through an automated control and monitoring system.
  • Notify the client of any eventuality that may arise and facilitate the monitoring of their incidents.
  • To assist the client in the legalization of all installed software using Free and/or Open Source Software.

Main tasks and features

  • Manage the client’s operating systems, based on Free Software, through remote connection from our offices.
  • Handling of the change requests made by the client to deploy to all the equipment of the entity in an automatic way.

Structure of the staff assigned to the Service

  • Any issues will be resolved by Librebit’s technical staff. In case of need or because of the scope of the actions to be carried out, they will be supervised by Librebit’s Information Security Officer.

Types of users

  • The typical user is the ICT staff of the client entity, that is to say, staff with certain computer skills who filter and resolve in the first instance the issues of the end users in the client’s premises. When necessary due to a lack of knowledge or permission to manage a computer system, issues will be transmitted to the Sysadmin Team at Librebit for resolution.

Location of deployment

  • Technical support will be provided via phone or email by the Librebit Sysadmin team.
  • The team may request the ICT staff of the client entity to carry out some basic operation to resolve the issue, such as:
    • move the device to another location
    • restore a device with the procedure indicated by Librebit
    • restart, power on or off computer equipment, etc.

Service Schedules

  • Unless otherwise agreed outside these general conditions, the Sysadmin team will attend to customers at the following times:
    • Monday to Friday from 9:00h – 17:00h every day of the year except national and local holidays in Vigo.
  • The Librebit Sysadmin team will be able to perform maintenance work at any time and without the need for customer intervention. As a guide, the following timetable is used as a starting point:
    • Monday to Sunday 24h a day, every day of the year.

Standard Services

“5 – Critical Issues on Servers“.

Productivity loss of an entire system. These problems relate to failures in the client’s central servers that directly affect its productivity in a serious way. For example:

  • Inability to log in to the system regardless of the computer from which the user attempts to access it.
  • No Internet access. No service associated with the Internet works.
  • Loss of messages in the mail service.

“4 – Preventive maintenance and minor server failures.”

Management of alerts that inform about possible “Critical Issues”. For example:

  • Decrease in the storage capacity available to users.
  • Deterioration of the quality of the Internet connection.

“3 – Configuration Changes in Servers“.

For example:

  • Changes in the management of user accounts, workgroups.
  • Changes in the file sharing service.
  • Internet connection improvements through proxy and balancing.

“2 – Critical Issues on User Computers“.

For example:

  • Restoration and integration of equipment into the centralized system.

“1 – Configuration changes in user equipment“.

For example:

  • Software Installation, Maintenance and Update

High Availability Services

“2 HA – Critical Issues on User Computers“.

For example:

  • Restoration and integration of equipment into the centralized system.


Calle Uruguay 8, planta 5ª, Oficina 8

36201 Vigo – Pontevedra


Telf. (+34) 886 122 307

Email for issues

Standards of compliance in the Organization and scope

The rules indicated will be those stipulated by the Information Security Manager through the Integrated Management System implemented at Librebit and available to the technical sysadmin team.

The scope may be modified in the contract with the customer but is based on the administration and support of:

  • Operating systems based on Free Software (Debian / Ubuntu) integrated into the automatic software management system installed by Librebit.
  • Free Software that will be supported by the Community, with certain limitations as it is offered “as is” by the developer of the same, external to the Sysadmin team at Librebit.

Support is not included for:

  • Proprietary operating systems (for example, MS Windows in any of its versions).
  • Any proprietary software installed on both free and proprietary operating systems.
  • Hardware from the client’s devices.

If the client so requests, the hourly rate in force will be applicable to attend to these Issues or Service Requests not included in the General Services Catalogue.